Peru Pavilion


10:00 – 20:00

Peru’s National Day is being hosted on March 7th, 2022. Witness the flag raising and national anthem as well as speeches by Peruvian representatives. Audiences will be later entertained by a fantastic cultural show including performances by the National Folkloric Ballet and a presentation from Avant-Garde artist Sylvia Falcon.

Activities at Expo 2020

● 10:15 A.M.: Official Ceremony begins at the Stage of Nations, next to Al Wasl Square.

● 10:25 A.M. Speech by the representative of UAE

● 10:30 A.M. Speech by the representative of Peru

● 10:35 A.M. Cultural Show

● 7:30 P.M Sylvia Falcón at the Sea Stage

● 8:00 P.M National folkloric ballet at the Earth Stage