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“Closing the Digital Divide" will begin Expo 2020 Dubai's Travel & Connectivity week on January 9th, 2022. It will address the continuously widening connectivity gap that leaves half of the world's population offline and will spotlight innovative solutions to bridge the gap. The pandemic brought to the forefront the challenges associated with the digital divide and highlighted the impact of being left。仟line for women, marginalised youth, and other communities, especially those living in the last mile,. To take steps towards closing this widening gap, the event will bring together governments, international organisations, digital innovators, private sector representatives, start-ups, and social advocates to discuss best practices that provide equal access to digital connectivity. The event will zoom in on key barriers to closing the digital divide while elevating young voices that are advocates in advancing solutions that create more accessibility. This event will provide a platform for inspirational leaders to present the concrete solutions and digital tools that can empower marginalised populations across different dimensions including health, society, finance, and education.