Welcome to Timeless Peru!

We are - and we will be - a country that goes beyond time, heirs to a Legacy ahead of its time. Innovation and knowledge creation devoted to build a better world is not limited to a specific time or place. In fact we, the Peruvians, have been doing this for thousands of years.

Timeless Peru

Peru, wisdom that transcends time and connects us with the planet. Through its ancestral wisdom that feeds the body and soul, Peru invites us to connect with ourselves, with our environment and to always seek balance. Today, after the pandemic caused by Covid-19, this way of understanding the world and living life is even more important. For this reason, Peru and Peruvians are relevant - yesterday, today and always.


Life in Peru unfolds in an environment where cultural, natural, and mineral richness prevails. These aspects of life constitute the main productivity source of Peruvian people, who are heirs of a biodiverse country.

From the Incas era to our days, every June, the Q’eswachaka bridge is renewed by people from four different communities. This is the last Inca bridge and it is a symbol of union, strength and tradition. Peru has always been a united country, since the times our ancestors built this bridge, to our days, when were recognized as the best soccer supporters in the last World Cup.