Spokesperson Interview: Sylvia Falcon Sings for Peru at Expo 2020 Dubai

Peruvian artist Sylvia Falcon performed during Peru’s National Day celebration at Expo 2020 Dubai on March 7th, in addition to the days before and after. The soprano artist, who is known for bringing Peru’s Andean culture into her art, entertained multiple stages at Expo 2020 Dubai, including the Sea and Sun stages. “This was a unique experience and a big responsibility, to be able to represent my country in a very important event such as Expo 2020 Dubai,” she said about her experience. “It’s a meaningful honor, also, to share my art with people from all around the world and my repertoire to be received with great enthusiasm and admiration. I’m very happy to have made this long journey in hopes of leaving a mark on the audience that has listened to us at Expo Dubai.”

One of the most famous songs she performed was “My Peru”, which impacted the audience on an emotional level with its meaning and her moving delivery. Falcon’s repertoire in general is dedicated to the most emblematic songs of Peruvian music: “The Condor Passes”, “Virgins of the Sun”, “The Picaflor (Hummingbird)”. “Those are centuries-old songs that are practically hymns that represent Peru in the world and could not be missing from the stages of Expo Dubai,” explained Falcon. She also paid tribute to iconic women artists such as Yma Sumac and Chabuca Granda who, through their compositions and interpretations, have made Peru a benchmark for vocal talent. “Yma Sumac's songs are something exceptional for the human ear; they were very well received,” shared Falcon.

What did Falcon think of Peru’s participation at Expo 2020 Dubai? Although summarizing the impressive cultural diversity of Peru is no easy feat, she said that visitors to the Peru Pavilion people were able to appreciate a genuine display of the country’s three natural regions, with passion and creativity accompanied by technology. “A visit to the Pavilion ends up being energetically pleasant and above all educational. I loved it.”