Spokesperson Interview: ‘’Jose Miguel Valdivia, Peru dives into modest fashion”

One of the amazing Peruvian talents when it comes to fashion, is Jose Miguel Valdivia, who held the temporary exhibition of ‘’Abayat Peru’’ during Expo 2020 Dubai from the 25th of March until the 31st of March. We had the chance to chat with him and ask about his thoughts of the Peruvian pavilion at Expo 2020 and the “Abayat Peru” exhibition. He replied to us saying ‘’Peru pavilion was one of the most beautiful at Expo 2020. And so, the public recognized it, but I think it was not only because of how impressive it was on the outside but because of its beauty and warmth when it was dressed. And for that interior it received another award! The room assigned for the Abayat Peru exhibition was a beautiful space. Wide and spacious for such an exhibition.’’

How did people react towards the exhibition and what comments have you received? Mr. Valdivia explained that his “venture into modest fashion” was well received and with many compliments. For many discovering the qualities of Peruvian cotton was something special. For others discovering and accepting the alpaca fibers as a possibility for fashion pieces was a welcoming surprise, from businessmen who sell them to the Minister of Culture herself. The comments were always flattering.

We asked Mr. Valdivia to send a final message to the visitors who came to the exhibition, and he said: ‘’ To the visitors of Abayat Peru, I can only thank you for your appreciation of my proposal and our work. Thanks to those who I saw admiring and commenting but could not get close. Thanks to those who stopped to admire and take photographs! Thanks to those who stopped to talk, ask, comment and teach me. Thank you for the kind comments that filled me with the satisfaction for a job and proposal well achieved. The smile of pride and happiness will last for a long time. Especially because they opened the doors to a world that I dared to venture into (driven by friends who advised me) without fully knowing this beautiful world of Arabic culture.’’ A truly great message for a beautiful exhibition.