Peru declares Pavilion open in ceremony at Expo 2020 Dubai, receives more than 60 thousand visitors

  • The Peru pavilion summarizes the wisdom of a country that transcends time and connects us
    with the planet
  • Display of images, color and music showcases modern Peru’s stories, tradition and its way of
    celebrating life

The Dubai World Expo had a stimulating musical atmosphere in which thousands of attendees were captivated by the variety of expressions and colorful costumes that characterize Peruvian folk dances, all within the framework of the opening of the Peru Pavilion in the most important cultural event in the world.

The Peruvian pavilion was inaugurated by the Peru Commissioner General at the Expo, Amora Carbajal, in the presence of official representatives of different pavilions from other countries, and the international director of Expo 2020 Dubai, Adriano Konialidis.

"The purpose of the pavilion is to offer a total experience of learning the millenary Peruvian wisdom along the journey that transmits the transcendence of the heritage, biodiversity, gastronomy and creativity of our country," said the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Roberto Sánchez.

The senior official added that Peru is a benchmark in both gastronomy and food security. "Its influence on the world is not only granted by our history, but also by the abundance of superfoods, which has crossed borders and nourished the world," he said.

Among the different activities performed to celebrate the symbolic inauguration of the Peruvian pavilion, the guitar concert offered by Manuelcha Prado, the virtuoso master of the Ayacucho guitar, stood out, which left the spectators enraptured with his interpretations, a contemporary reflection of the Andean musical heritage. Also, the energetic and hypnotic presentation of the famous scissor dancer Damián de la Cruz, 'Ccarccaria', to the great surprise and admiration of those in attendance.

Likewise, an emotional workshop of kené, the ancestral art that collects the worldview of the Shipibo-Konibo ethnic group, was delivered by the painter Elena Valera. Subsequently, with all the necessary sanitary protocols, the expected master classes of Peruvian cuisine were held by renowned national chefs Richard Flores (Puno), Mónica Huerta (Arequipa) and Flavio Solórzano (Lima).

Those attending the culinary classes will discover the history of the typical dishes of Peru in a didactic way, while learning to prepare them, a truly fascinating gastronomic experience. Throughout the six months of Expo 2020 Dubai, the Peru pavilion will offer these culinary master classes with chefs from various regions of the country.


The pavilion of Peru has an area of 2500 m2 and showcases the best of tourism and gastronomy, as well as the finest cultural samples and products from the various regions of our country. In just two weeks since the Expo’s opening, already received 60,000 visits.

Structured under the concept of Timeless Peru, the pavilion presents a different experience and the possibility of making a sensory immersion through many landscapes and tourist attractions of different regions. Thus, Peru shows the world -in large-format audiovisuals- the various aspects of artistic and cultural life, together with the varied offer of agricultural, maritime, fauna and flora products that constitute the rich biodiversity of the country.