Why visit Peru at Expo 2020 Dubai?


Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The Ribbon Cutting will be held with the participation of the Peru Commissioner General at Expo 2020 Dubai, local authorities and representatives of other countries. There will be an artistic presentation of Danzantes de Tijera and the renowned Peruvian singer, songwriter and guitarist , Manuelcha Prado.

In addition, there will be a kene art workshop with Elena Valera, and gastronomic activities with renowned national chefs Richard Flores (Puno), Mónica Huerta (Arequipa) and Flavio Solorzano (Lima).

16:00 20-10-2021

Event “Closing the digital divide”

Tourism and Connectivity Week.

Co-curated with Expo 2020, at the Opportunity Forum, with the participation of Peruvian speakers.

A public-facing event that will rally global stakeholders and civil society to push for digital connectivity as a human right for all and to close the gender digital divide. It will spotlight cases of women working in tech, as well as initiatives for tech skills development for young women and school girls.

TBD 09-01-2022

Event “Food for the soul: Exploring traditions of gastronomy and cultivation through the ages”

Food, Agriculture and Livelihood Week. Co-curated with Expo 2020, in the Multipurpose Room with the participation of Virgilio Martínez, as Peruvian speaker.

Gastronomic activation with Virgilio Martínez at the Restaurant.

With renewed interest in superfoods, ancient agricultural practices, and gastronomic traditions, this event spotlights the historic role food and gastronomy have played in cultural preservation and livelihood development across our International Participants.

TBD 25-02-2022

Event “Water, the lifeblood of civilizations”

Water Week. Co-curated with Expo 2020, at the Terra Pavilion, with the participation of José Canziani as a Peruvian speaker.

Water has been at the centre of every civilization since the dawn of mankind – not only shaping economies, but also cultural and religious beliefs, myths and traditions. This event spotlights the seminal role of water and water bodies across the development of distinct cultures around the world.

TBD 26-03-2022

Business Events